Vision Statement – Messianic Congregation of Chicago

The Messianic Congregation of Chicago, all for the glory of God, seeks to:

  • Communicate the message of Yeshua to Jewish people relevantly
  • Create A Culture of maturing followers of Yeshua
  • Cultivate ministers to the Jewish people
  • Compel a Messianic testimony for the next generation

The above vision statement represents the driving goals and vision of the Messianic Congregation of Chicago, a community of Jewish and Gentile followers of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and His Messiah.  The following helps to explain the above vision.

  • Communicate the message of Yeshua to Jewish people inside and out of the congregational meetings. When in the meetings there will be a safe and culturally relevant atmosphere where Jewish people can explore the Messianic claims about Yeshua and where believers may live out their faith in a Jewish context.  When outside of congregational events, it should be done in an informed and sensitive way.
  • Create A Culture of maturing followers of Yeshua through scriptural study, prayer, worship, and discipleship. We will encourage, exhort, and teach, endeavoring to raise each other up. Maturing believers who become leaders in turn raise up ensuing generations.
  • Cultivate train, utilize, and deploy workers, both as lay ministers and professional ministers, to the Jewish people.
  • Compel a Messianic testimony to the next generation. Jewish congregants who value their lineage and Gentile congregants who find meaning in the Jewish understanding of scripture are encouraged to live out their faith in the context of their specific identity to reach the vision of MC2. We will exemplify the Messianic remnant and relay it to the future generations.  (Proverbs 29:18a; Romans 11:5)



Phone: (240) 343-4276

Mailing Address: 6057 N Kedzie Ave. Chicago, IL 60659