#SelfieSick Sermon 1

We begin a new series called #SelfieSick where we examine how social media and technology seem to bring out the worst attributes in people. This is the first message in the series. Speaker: Ryan Karp

Genesis of Torah: Part 3

In this message, the last withing the The Genesis of Everything series, we delve into how the Torah foreshadows the Messiah. Speaker: Ryan Karp

Genesis of Torah: Part 2

In this message, 2 of 3, we examine how the breaking of the Torah leads to death but begs for something greater. . . Speaker: Ryan Karp

Genesis of the Torah: Part 1

Genesis of Torah Part 1: In this message we begin the 3-part conclusion of the Genesis of Everything series. In this message we examine how the deeds of the fathers should have been a sign to the sons but in fact wasn't. Speaker: Ryan Ka…